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Building Update – THE WORK HAS STARTED

By: Pastor Tim Carson

You can really see the whole property taking shape now with the parking lots and most of the sidewalks in.  The driveways and parking lots will get a finish coat of asphalt at the end, but the layout is set.  The foundation of the new building was poured this morning. The only major site work to do is the turn lane off of 41 and then the finish grading and landscaping. We are waiting on the paperwork form FDOT for the turn lane to proceed. We are ready to pour the foundation as soon as the weather cooperates and the work on the porte cochere continues. Our own Tom James, (who owns his own video production company by the way) has been doing drone shots of our property every couple of weeks.  You can see the one from last week by clicking . 

I know the some of you are anxious about the cost of the project, and I am happy to report that so far we are right on schedule with the costs. I have been periodically anxious and prayed about the money thing as well.  $4.5 million is no little amount. Every time I pray about it, I feel that God says the same thing: Trust me.  I was convicted while I was gone that we have not spent much time as a congregation  in intentional prayer, asking God and trusting Him to provide all we need.  You can expect that to change in the coming weeks and months.

We have gotten the approval for the roof-over of the children’s area from the Village of Estero and it looks like it may only hold us up slightly since some of the trusses have to be redesigned. We are praising God for the way He has opened those doors.  

Last March, the building Committee presented our plans for a 24,000 sq. foot multi-purpose building.  In those presentations, we laid out the need and the plan, then asked for feedback from the Congregation. We received 286 overwhelmingly positive responses. However, there was an undercurrent running through those responses, of concern for the cost and scope of the project.
                                              “We need to grow in phases by what is needed most without creating a massive amount of debt.”
After much deliberation, the Building Committee decided to present a phased plan. The problem, of course, was that it was impossible to phase the original design. So, we redesigned and asked ourselves, “What are our most pressing needs?” Classroom space was the easy answer. But, as the conversation progressed, we realized we could address several other important deficiencies in the church with phase one.

Here are the three big things Phase I does:
1.  It provides a new Children’s Wing that is in the same building as the Sanctuary.
2.  It moves the entrance of the church to face 41and provides a covered portico for the entrance.
3.  It addresses our undersized Narthex, giving us a new gathering space. 


• Connect Phase I to the current Sanctuary building at the exit at the end of the hall on the southwest corner, and at what is currently Pastor John’s office door.
• Add 11,686sqft. of classroom, narthex, and office space, including three large, dividable classrooms.
• Provide an enclosed “Children’s Garden” that would house playground equipment in a secure enclosed area.
• Allow for the renovation of the existing office wing.
• Allow for the renovation of the existing Children’s Building. (The idea is that it would become our youth room.)15-571 EUMC Color Plan 10-26-15 copy


The cost estimates are for a $4.332 million dollar project.  

Some notes on the cost:
• One of the big issues we have wrestled with in this building project is building something so small that we will have outgrown it before we move in, or building something so big    that our whole focus is not on ministry but paying the debt.  We feel this project places us in the middle of those two extremes.
• We have $800,000 in site work that we will be required to do by the Village of Estero, Lee County, and Southwest Florida Water Management District on our property no matter what we build.  We will have minimal site costs for subsequent phases. 

Building Cost        $2,742,000.     (Building and Construction)
Site Work                $800,000.     (Sewer, Water Retention, Landscaping, Parking)
All Fees                  $350,000.      (Architect, Engineering, Impact, Permitting)
F.F.&E.                   $120,000.      (Furniture, Fixtures, And Equipment)
Renovations             $80,000.      (Renovate Existing Offices and Children’s Building)
Reno & Cont          $240,000.      (Renovations and Contingency Costs)
Total Cost          $4,332,000.


EUMC will begin a Capital Campaign this winter. 

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